My practice centers on individual, group, and couples therapy. You can learn more about my theraputic style here. I work with a range of issues that bring people to counseling, including:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Relationships
- Gender and sexuality
- Adolescence and young adulthood
- Parenting and family dynamics
- Self-esteem
- Health, fitness, and body image
- Cultural influences
- Borderline personality disorder
- Eating disorders
- Life transitions
- Trauma
- Substance use and addiction

Individual Therapy
$83/50-minute session

I work with adolescents and adults throughout the lifespan. I adapt my approach to fit the goals of each person I work with. For some, this means I help to problem solve, make decisions, and teach new ways of relaxing or communicating. For others, I offer an experience of slowing down, tuning in, and doing deep exploration that leads to fulfillment and lasting transformation.


Group Therapy
$42/90-minute session

Group therapy is often paired with individual therapy because it gives you the chance to practice what you are learning in individual sessions, and get real feedback and support from others. It can also stand on its own and is thus a more economical option for therapy treatment. An initial meeting with me is required prior to joining group.


Family + Couples Therapy
$103/50-minute session

Being in relationship is the most fundamental of human experiences, yet we don't enter life with the how-to kit. Couples and family therapy can help you and your loved one(s) move from feeling stuck to a greater sense of clarity, connection, and confidence.